Tea Time with Tina Tessina


Tina Tessina celebrated her birthday with a group of her friends this Sunday at the Vintage Tea Leaf in Long Beach. I am honored to be chosen as one of the 8 women in attendance.

The Vintage Tea Leaf is quite an experience. It’s located on the busy Broadway Ave. in Long Beach, yet the moment the door closes behind you, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a playroom of elegance.

Feathers, flowers and butterflies were everywhere. The room was rich with aroma. All those feminine extras that were so special to some of us when we were growing up must have been special to Beverly Terfloth, The Tea Mistress. It is impossible to set your eyes on any spot in the room and not get that special feeling of being at grandma’s house.

One of the first things you do after you walk in the door is to choose from one of many hats in the hat hallway.


I tried mine on in the bathroom, here’s a picture from the bathroom sink. There is a zen sand garden on the counter and a va va voom art piece on the wall:


After you choose your hat, you choose a tea cup from the tea cup wall

Tea cup wall at Vintage Tea Leaf in Long Beach

Then, you take your seat among creative, vibrant and interesting friends


The entire place buzzes with enthusiasm and excitement


We talked about writing, hip hop, education, art and motivation

We sipped tea and nibbled crumpets


We ate finger sandwiches and salad


And then, there was the cake….


Happy Birthday Tina Tessina, you are a blessing to this world.


For those of you who don’t know, Tina Tessina is the author of 13 books and is published worldwide. She has helped thousands of people to find happiness by letting go of what no longer works. She is a wizard.

Her titles include It Ends With You – Grow Up and Out of Dysfunction and The Real 13th Step. Her writing style and her recommendations are clear, concise and powerful. She is a natural healer. Her specialty is relationships and she goes by Dr. Romance on the Internet. Be sure to check out her Dr. Romance blog.

4 thoughts on “Tea Time with Tina Tessina

  1. Dear Sheri, I enjoyed sitting and talking with you. this was a very nice thing to put together for all of us! XOXOXO Candice

  2. Tina and Candice, I enjoyed our time together emmensely. I was so full of life after our meeting that I came home and ran on the treadmill and rocked out. It was great. We should all go skating sometime :)

  3. I LOVE the picture of Marlene and Robin…to think, Robin didn’t want me to take her picture at first. We would have missed out on this gem of entertainment. Thank you Robin and Marlene for posing. I wish there were more pictures like this in magazines and on T.V., women being playful, having fun, supporting each other…what a concept. We did it naturally when we were little, why shouldn’t we keep on doing it?