Letting Go of Blocks That Keep You Stuck on The Sheri and Erin Show

This episode is all about identifying and letting go of the blocks that can prevent you from living life to the fullest. We talked about how fear and stories from the past can prevent people from thinking and feeling and from being authentic. We talked about how sometimes rules can stifle creative thinking and how sometimes we get swept into “group think” because we fear being left out or chastised, even if we don’t really agree with what the group is doing.

Thinking about the past and future can be a way to keep us in bondage even when we reminisce about good things. Living in the now is the only way to live an authentic life. But if you do tell a story about the past, you can choose what stories to tell. You can use a story to lift yourself and others up or you can use a story to beat yourself up and make other people feel bad.

Sometimes the stories we make up about other people can prevent us from seeing who they really are. We discussed how when we see people based on the the roles they play in our lives (i.e. daughter, mother, boss, husband, son, teacher), it will prevent us from seeing them as they are and potentially learning something valuable and even life-transforming from them.

We talked about how true listening is not just something you do with your ears, true listening is about being fully present and not seeing the current moment through the filter of old stories. Our story is often what prevents us from listening. Listening is a full-bodied experience that engages the body and evokes feelings or emotions.

We are here to gather stories and we get to choose what stories we share with others. Sometimes we are blocked when we replay a tragic aspect of the story. We are doing this with our own mind and until we realize it, it is difficult to take responsibility for our own lives. We have to be responsible for good and bad. Being a good listener is listening to what the other person is saying, It’s not just about what we feel it’s the ability to hear without fear.

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