The Struggle by Urban Voodoo – Hip-Hop Healing

I just downloaded The Struggle by Urban Voodoo. It’s a song about the struggle of growing up in a chaotic, abusive environment and trying to break free.

There are many people who want to be a positive force in this world but find themselves bogged down by depression and anxiety that is directly related to living a life of trauma. It is important for us to support the adult children who want to uplift the youth of today if we ever hope to break these destructive cycles.

If you are From Sabotage to Success by Sheri Zampellibold enough to admit that abuse happens and that it leaves a lasting impact. If you are bold enough to support the children and not the adults who abuse them, spend 99 cents on this single. Go to:


If you’re looking for step-by-step instruction on how to overcome self-sabotage, buy the book From Sabotage to Success.

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Gardens of the Night Shines Light on Abuse, Neglect and Child Abuduction

This past week I went on a day-long search for quality information about child abuse that I could use for my class, Introduction to Victimology. One of the things I found was a trailer for Gardens of the Night. It’s a movie staring Tom Arnold and John Malkovich about a young girl who was abducted as a child and molested throughout her youth. As a teen she is turned to the streets to become a prostitute. Eventually, she runs away with a friend and they survive street life together.

I was thinking this movie might be entertaining and informative for the students in my class so I wanted to find out where its playing and how can I get a DVD. I went to their website at to discover that the movie is playing in a total of 2 theatres in all of the United States of America. No, I didn’t leave any numbers out, it is not an editorial error. It is playing in 2 (two) theatres in the entire nation.

I guess I’m lucky that one of the theaters is less than 50 miles from my house and if traffic is light, it might only take an hour and a half each way to get there. Hopefully, once I do make it there it will be a good movie and they will be selling DVD’s on site.

In case you happen to live somewhere near one of the two places in the nation that show this movie, here is the GARDENS OF THE NIGHT Screening Schedule:

November 7

Village East Cinema
181-189 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003

December 5

Laemmle’s Sunset 5
8000 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Gardens of the Night won the International Critics Award at the Deauville Film Festival.

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Deep Emotional Release Bodywork, When Talking Just Doesn’t Cut It

James Hyman Deep Emotional Release BodyworkI used to be way more uptight than I am now. In fact, I was so anxious I almost thought I’d jump right out of my skin. I tried talking about it in therapy but it turns out, sometimes talking just isn’t enough. In fact, there is scientific brain research that shows how trauma is stored in the amygdala which is separate from the neo-cortex or “thinking” part of the brain. Therefore, talking is sometimes not enough to help heal trauma.

I’ve had plenty of trauma in my life and some of it happened before I was even able to speak. It turns out that just because you don’t remember traumatic events or just because you “grow up” doesn’t mean the impact of trauma goes away, the emotional impact of trauma can actually stay stored in your body and can be expressed in many non-verbal ways such as anxiety or physical illness.

Part of my healing has been my work with Los Angeles based Master healer/teacher/Shaman, James Hyman, founder of the Deep Emotional Release Bodywork and Quantum Healing.

James’ work takes you to the core of your issues to help you release the associated blocks held in the body and subconscious mind. His work helps balance the chakras, open up the higher mind centers, and takes you to a new level on your path of Spiritual Awakening. His work also brings about new insight and Self-awareness and a strong sense of internal well-being and self-esteem. After working with James you will feel lighter, as if a heavy burden has been lifted. Sometimes you’ll even have the direct physical experience of bliss and enlightenment.

Healing HandsI’m always telling my friends about James Hyman and many people I know have travelled to see him, driving over and hour each way, yet always glad they did.

This week I have a special announcement for my Long Beach and Orange County friends, James Hyman has offered to schedule a day of sessions in Long Beach, CA this Friday, November 14. There are only 5 openings left.

I know it’s short notice but I also know that if it’s meant to be, it will work out for whoever it’s supposed to work out for. The sessions will be held at the Everyday Zen Relaxation Studio located at 3740 Atlantic Blvd, Suite #201, in Long Beach, just north of the 405 freeway.

If you’re one of those people who’ve talked and talked in therapy but just never felt like you got anywhere, or if you feel burdened or stuck because of unresolved emotional isssues, this technique could help free you.

Some of you are my friends and you’ve already experienced a session with James. If you’re ready for a tune up or if you want to pass this information on to a friend, now would be a good time to do that. To schedule an appointment or ask questions, call (323) 684-6157 and ask for Barbara or e-mail

Trauma Makes a Lasting Impact Yet There Is Hope

In a previous blog I told you I might post a picture of me when I was 2 with a broken arm. Well, I decided to follow through on my promise. Mainly because I want to make a point about child abuse and trauma and I want the world to start doing something more about it. This is a big job that needs awareness and dedication to get it done.

Here I am at age 2 with a broken arm. I didn’t fall. It wasn’t an “accident.” My step-father broke it. This is one of many traumatizing events that happened in my household over a period of 16 years. I moved out and became homeless at 16 which was preferable to living with my mom and (second) step dad.

I’m not telling you this so you’ll feel sorry for me. I’ve spent my whole life in the victim mode without even knowing it and now I want out.

The purpose of this post is to create an awareness of the lasting impact of abuse and trauma. Even if you just look at it from a scientific, brain research point of view, when severe trauma happens in the body the brain reacts and responds in the way that is most effective at that time. It tries to protect you. It builds assumptions and associations (called schemas) to help you prevent future trauma.

Mine were things like: man with beer on his breath = dangerous, adults = do not trust them, behavior = do what they tell you to do and you won’t get hurt, “solution” = consume (food, drugs, alcohol, retail therapy whatever) and it makes you feel better for a moment or two (in fact, sometimes the “treat” after a particularly traumatizing event was to go get ice cream or a new pair of shoes.) To make it even worse, I didn’t have any other stories to compare and contrast my story against except T.V. We moved a lot, we didn’t have close friends, people didn’t come to our house and we didn’t go to theirs. We didn’t even associate with our own family.

It’s basic cause and effect. Over time, trauma, worry and fear become habits. The repetition of fearful thoughts and events build neural pathways in the brain. You literally get addicted to the brain chemicals and when they aren’t there, you look for some way to get them.  As a result of trauma, dysfunctional seems normal and normal seems weird. Once you’re hooked on your brain chemicals, you don’t feel right unless you have your fix. This is pretty much the explanation for self-sabotage.

I realize now, more than ever after reading Ekhart Tolle that I created a life of victimhood based on the associations I built in childhood. My entire mission in life became finding evidence that supported these beliefs: “Men are bad, authority can’t be trusted, you have to do everything yourself, do it the way they want you to do it or you’ll suffer, people won’t like you the way you are.” I was a “good girl.” I followed the rules and it nearly killed me.

I know I’m not the only one. I had friends, they had friends, we shared stories. As a professional, I’ve worked with battered women, at-risk youth, drug addicts, ex-cons, sexual assault survivors and foster youth. Child abuse has created an entire society of traumatized kids.  Sometimes we call them “at-risk” youth, other times we call them demons but many times, they are doing the best they can based on what they’ve learned in life up to this point.  In my opinion, this issue needs to be addressed in a much larger and more effective way than it is right now. It is a job that requires a community approach if it is to be effective. 

Many people who want to help become so overwhelmed that they can’t help.  In fact, I’ll admit, because of my own childhood trauma, I eventually had to quit working with youth. I literally felt like I was going to lose my mind. But I still care and I want you to care and I want us to make a difference.  Even if it just starts by doing our own healing and thereby breaking the cycle.

I used to be ashamed of my childhood and I blamed myself for not “getting over” it.  I wanted to just move on and pretend it didn’t happen and I thought I could just be strong.  I went to lots of therapy and I thought I could get over it by talking about it, crying about it and writing about it.  But it doesn’t seem to work that way. 

The truth is, many brain researchers have discovered that trauma is stored in an entirely different part of the brain (amygdala) than the part which is responsible for logic, thinking and talking (neo-cortex).  Therefore, you can never talk enough to heal yourself of the trauma.  There are many mind/body techniques available these days that are more powerful for healing trauma such as EMDR, Body Work, hypnosis and Somatic Experiencing.

Another powerful and self-administered technique for relieving anxiety and curing phobias is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) they will send you a free download with step-by-step directions to do EFT, all you have to do is enter your name and e-mail address. They don’t hound you at all. It’s low-key yet highly effective.

If you can’t afford or don’t want to go to therapy, I found something that can help heal the effects of childhood trauma on the brain. It’s called Holosynch and of everything I’ve ever tried in life this is the most effective in calming anxiety and expanding your mind beyond the limitations of a traumatic past. It’s inexpensive and there are no harmful side-effects like there are with medication.

It seems that for so many years I was trapped in a cycle of survival and I didn’t know how to get out. Now I am beginning to see the light and I want share information that might help others to heal their wounds as well. Centerpointe Research will send you a free Holosynch demo CD. If you’ve been impacted by trauma or you feel like you’ve “tried everything” and it didn’t work, this CD is worth a listen.