One Tribe by Black Eyed Peas on DJ GAL-VanIZed Jukebox


An iPod allows you to fit 1,000’s of songs in your pocket; whereas a Jukebox stays in one place and your selections are limited. What would you do if you had a 52- song limit on your iPod? What would the list include?


Shining Bright for Your Mind – DJ Gal VanIZed Mix

Shining Bright for Your Mind by Sheri Gal Vanized Zampelli on Mixcloud

Music is my life-long obsession and things like iTunes and iPods only kicked it up to an all-time high. This mix is what I was listening to instead of top 40. Funk, Hip Hop, Punk and Soul from the 70’s-present. Most of it never on the radio or only on after midnight or on independent radio. A mix for thinking and feeling. Listen with headphones or in your own private space and see if it makes you galvanized.

Sun and Soul Mix for Music Lovers

This week was filled with inspiration that can’t be communicated in words but the Sun and Soul Music mix says it all.

Available for a limited time, this mix contains songs about the Sun for people with Soul. ‘Specially my Soul Sisters and Brothers, you know who you are. Dance and liberate your Self.

Covers a wide range of genres: soul, funk, hip hop, drum and bass, dubstep, punk, alternative all songs designed to light you up and make you warm inside and out.

I’m new to DJ mixing but well versed in mix tapes. Listen ’cause you want some food for thought to chew on while you shake your booty.

Crank up your computer speakers and click play.

Sun and Soul Mix March 2012 by Gal VanIZed

Check out Gal VanIZed on Soundcloud for more music to stir your soul and get you ready for Spring.


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Valentine’s Day DJ Gal VanIZed Mix Blends Audio and Images to Create a Soundtrack for Peace, Love and Unity

On Valentine’s day, I was inspired to sit down and record a DJ Mix that blends audio and images to create a soundtrack for Peace, Love and Unity. It’s about Love and things I Love. It’s about embracing the past, being in the present and looking forward to the future with enthusiasm.

It’s for people I love.

Play it when you’re ready to party or take a break from monotony. Use it to Galvanize your mind, pump you up or get you inspired.

This mix includes brand smokin’ new dubstep from the UK via as well as some soul, funk, Drum and Bass and even a little punk rock. It also includes a track I just created last week using jungle sounds from a Lenny De Ice track (We are I.E.) and sound snippets from a rousing sermon by Ahman titled Mental Fast. Here’s the track all by itself if you’d like to give it a listen.

Get in the groove and get ready to move at The Church of Beats, Rhythms and Raps and enjoy a replay of the Valentine’s Day Service performed by Rev. DJ Gal VanIZed. If you can’t see the player below, click here to hear the mix.

New Release: Moka Only Blends Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop Beats for a Smooth Groove

Wandering Worx Entertainment has just released Moka Only. This latest project “Barbequed Horse Contest” has many instrumental tracks great for creating a smooth groove atmosphere or to use as mixing tools for DJ’s who want a steady beat that’s infused with funk, soul and jazz undertones. Old school music lovers will appreciate the phat bass line and vinyl “pops” on some of the tracks.