Shining Bright for Your Mind – DJ GAL-VanIZed Mix

Shining Bright for Your Mind by Sheri Gal Vanized Zampelli on Mixcloud

Music is my life-long obsession and things like iTunes and iPods only kicked it up to an all-time high. This mix starts off with songs about the sun, shining and being bright then it veers to the rebellious range of power. An ecclectic mix for thinking and feeling, especially if you need to renew your spunky self or to join with other deviants in celebration of life. Listen with headphones or in your own private space and get galvanized.

Shining Bright Despite the Plight by Pretty Lights

The Sun Ain’t Shining No More by Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Shining Star by Earth, Wind & Fire

Supreme People by Blackalicious

Spirits Drifting by Brian Eno

Looking for the Perfect Beat by Afrika Bambaattaa and Soulsonic Force

Dub the Mic by Beastie Boys

Stand Together by Beastie Boys

No Path to Follow by Chemical Brothers

Sexy Hypnotist by Luscious Jackson

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service by Propellerheads

Cycles by Raw Produce

Oh Bondage, Up Yours by X-Ray Spex

Fuck You, That’s Why by Smut Peddlers

Celebration Day by Led Zeppelin

Hitz by Chase and Status

Blind by Korn

There’s a War Going on for Your Mind by the Flobots

Pink Pussycat by Devo

Mistake by the Living Deadbeats

Kids by Chapman Family

One Tribe by Black Eyed Peas on DJ GAL-VanIZed Jukebox


An iPod allows you to fit 1,000’s of songs in your pocket; whereas a Jukebox stays in one place and your selections are limited. What would you do if you had a 52- song limit on your iPod? What would the list include?


Jukebox Mary

New Release: Moka Only Blends Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop Beats for a Smooth Groove

Wandering Worx Entertainment has just released Moka Only. This latest project “Barbequed Horse Contest” has many instrumental tracks great for creating a smooth groove atmosphere or to use as mixing tools for DJ’s who want a steady beat that’s infused with funk, soul and jazz undertones. Old school music lovers will appreciate the phat bass line and vinyl “pops” on some of the tracks.