Stick With Me by Nicki Bluhm & Tim Bluhm on DJ GAL-VanIZed Jukebox

A good song for the family.


An iPod allows you to fit 1,000’s of songs in your pocket; whereas a Jukebox stays in one place and your selections are limited. What would you do if you only got to choose 52 songs to put on your iPod? What would the list include?

Jukebox Mary

Rare Reggae and La Jolla Sunset Video Sets Good Vibe

Relax and unwind while watching the waves and the sunset at La Jolla California. Rare reggae and dub records from Jamaica via Zed Records blended with a La Jolla Sunset backdrop. Guest appearance by Mr. Seagull.

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Music is Shown to Benefit and Exercise the Brain

You may have heard your friends and family stress the importance of having a song in your heart. It turns out, music benefits your brain as well. Many people listen to music without even thinking about how their brain reacts. But doctors say it exercises it in ways that nothing else can.

Music therapy is being used increasingly for patients with dementia or traumatic brain injury. It’s already used for a variety of roles in people’s lives, and because of what parts of the brain it exercises, musical training is shown to increase motor and reasoning skills. Other studies have shown that a person’s choice in music is a great determination of that person’s personality. But a doctor explained how listening or performing music is a unique mental exercise.

“We find that when someone is asked to sing a song, for example, after a brain injury, how many different parts of the brain get utilized,” said CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta. “First, you’ve got to remember the words to that song, and then you’ve got to carry those words across from one side of the brain to the other, to allow someone to actually begin to say those words. Then you’ve got to carry a tune. That requires messages going across the middle of the brain as well, and then sometimes you can stand up and do some moves with the music and that can reestablish rhythm.”

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