Protect Your Most Valuable Resource

This week, don’t forget to protect your most precious resource – You! Your mind and body need replenishing on a regular basis. Take at least as much care of you as you do of your car, house, family and career. Think about it. You take your car for regular tune-ups and oil changes, you change light bulbs and replace air filters, but do you remember to recharge your own batteries?

Make a commitment this week to take time to do something you enjoy. Don’t worry about what you “should” be doing. Do what makes you feel replenished and motivated. Whether it be exercise, lunch with a friend, a trip to the movies or a quiet afternoon with a good novel, you need to take time out for yourself. The renewed energy you feel will make all other aspects of your life more enjoyable and you’ll probably be more efficient at handling the tasks you “should” handle. Not only that, when you enjoy your life and take care of yourself, you are less likely to overeat and will have more energy for exercise and other important things in life.

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War Dance is Good for Warrior Workouts and Your Next Victory

I am a warrior in training. This includes workouts with Jaiya Figueras of Your Next Victory on the Bluff at Long Beach. What better way to mentally train for warrior status than to rock out to this tune and let it sink into your bones.

I try to record a lot of movement in this video because it is symbolic of how the music moves me and the energy that bounces around inside of me when I hear it. If you’d like to see me moving instead of the record cover, you can check out my latest birthday video where my husband captures me hula hooping, jumping on the trampoline and lip-synching to punk rock. My outfit is the equivalent of “drag queen” style with inspiration from Phyllis Diller, Lily Tomlin and Joan Rivers. Check it out on YouTube>>>

Recently I have joined forces with Jaiya Figueras of Your Next Victory. In addition to our warrior workouts on the bluff in Long Beach, we have recorded some video about how trauma and exercise are related. I wrote a blog about it titled Why do people break down and cry when they exercise? I think it will be a real eye-opener for some people who just think they’re “lazy” because they can’t seem to ever get motivated to exercise.

What motivates me is music. Here’s a link to a few of my workout playlists. Enjoy and dare to activate your inner-warrior.

Start a Master Mind Group.comWhen you think about it, every musical act you know of is using the Master Mind principle whether they realize it or not. They are joining together as a team with a combined vision. You can use the same principle and make some truly rockin’ things happen in your life.

Do you have a creative project you want to complete? Do you want to find a purpose for your life?

If so, I invite you to come over to my brand new page called Start a Master Mind I’m offering 4 freebies to get you started so you can get a sense of what the Master Mind is all about.

There’s nothing cool about holding back.

Toastmasters: What Can It Do For You?

Cynthia Lamb, spiritual counselor delivered a powerful speech at Agape Toastmasters describing some of the benefits she’s enjoyed as a result of her 2 years of membership.

Cynthia started her speaking experience with lots of “ahs” and “ums” in a manner she describes as “all filler, no content”. After using the manuals provided by Toastmasters she learned to be a competent leader and communicator. Toastmasters gave her the courage to pursue her larger goal which is to share a message of spiritual healing through forgiveness with an International audience.

She recently appeared on a panel of experts lead by Blog Talk Radio host, Michelle Ann Johnson titled “Conscious Kickstart” and did a very powerful presentation which included a guided process for forgiveness. She is kind enough to make this available to the world via this YouTube Video. If you need to heal a broken heart for any reason, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

Cynthia Lamb recently earned the highest award Toastmasters offers: Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) and to do it in 2 years is an exceptional feat.

Agape Toastmasters is that kind of place. I joined 2 years ago and I was shaky and hesitant in my first few speeches. I would get so nervous that sometimes I was practically incapacitated for an entire day. But with practice and support, I became stronger and stronger.

I have used the supportive, creative environment to work out some ideas for a character, (my alter ego) Gal Vanized. When I started Toastmasters I had 7 years of experience as a college instructor under my belt. Somehow I had convinced myself or been pressured to believe that I had to “tone it down” and “be professional”. Which meant that pink wigs and punk rock gigs were out of the question.

To that I say, Why?

And this semester I’ve used music videos in my Introduction to Victimology class to highlight some of the songs that describe the abuse of power and control in our society that leads to crime and therefore victims.

I got bold enough one night to put on the pink wig in my Introduction to Domestic Violence class and tell my story of running away from an abuse filled home to find a better life. What Toastmasters did for me is give me the courage to say what I want to say, how I want to say it.

What will Toastmasters do for you?  You’ll never know unless you check it out for yourself.  Toastmasters is an International, non-profit organization. “The mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.”

Click here to find a club near you.

The Struggle by Urban Voodoo – Hip-Hop Healing

I just downloaded The Struggle by Urban Voodoo. It’s a song about the struggle of growing up in a chaotic, abusive environment and trying to break free.

There are many people who want to be a positive force in this world but find themselves bogged down by depression and anxiety that is directly related to living a life of trauma. It is important for us to support the adult children who want to uplift the youth of today if we ever hope to break these destructive cycles.

If you are From Sabotage to Success by Sheri Zampellibold enough to admit that abuse happens and that it leaves a lasting impact. If you are bold enough to support the children and not the adults who abuse them, spend 99 cents on this single. Go to:


If you’re looking for step-by-step instruction on how to overcome self-sabotage, buy the book From Sabotage to Success.

Get a Free Hypnosis Download: Create the Life You Want at

This Song is About You

Watch it on YouTube.

This video with lyrics included is all about taking charge of your life and it all begins by taking charge of your mind. One of the first lyrics is “half the kids that you grew up with were pushin’ prams by the time that they were just sixteen” then later, those same kids “aren’t pushin’ prams are pushin’ pills to boys and girls who are half their age” (In case you aren’t familiar with the word pram it refers to what most American’s call a baby stroller.)From Sabotage to Success by Sheri Zampelli

I’m here to tell you it’s never too late to change your mind and thereby change the course of your life. If you need help, there is a free MP3 hypnosis download at titled Create the Life You Want.

If you have a problems with self-sabotage, check out the book From Sabotage to Success.

How to Start a Movement, A Three Minute Lesson from Derek Sivers on TED

This three minute lesson on how to start a movement shows what happens when one “weird” person is willing to stand out from the crowd and stick to his (or her) guns despite potential ridicule. It also demonstrates the importance of embracing and encouraging your first followers. I have seen it happen many, many times. Haven’t you?

On Becoming Toastmaster of the Year

trophyYesterday at Agape Toastmasters we celebrated by holding a Red Carpet Awards event. It was a great opportunity to converse and get to know each other a little bit better. The room was festive, we had delicious and nutritious food catered by Linda Lloyd and many of us dressed up in evening wear even though the event started at 8:30 a.m.

One of the highlights of the morning is to hand out awards. There were many fun awards like Best Actress and Most Likely to Succeed and then there is the Toastmaster of the Year award that is won by popular vote. I really hadn’t been thinking much about awards that day. I was in charge of the entertainment for the party so I was busy setting up my iPod and my microphone and making sure the program was as enjoyable as possible.

When club president and Toastmaster for the day Cynthia Lamb was describing the winner she talked about someone who was dedicated, always of service to the board and someone who participated in events outside the club, at the District level. I thought to myself, “oh my goodness, Cynthia is the winner, why is she awarding herself the award? Why didn’t someone else give Cynthia the award?” But then Cynthia announced the winner’s name, Sheri Zampelli. That’s me. I was honored, surprised and shocked. I was also excited.

Winning the award was symbolic for me because it was an outward validation of an inner feeling that’s been growing in the past 6 months. I have literally felt myself break free from my shell each time I speak at Agape Toastmasters but I wasn’t always sure that others could see what I was feeling. Now I know they can and this encourages me to continue the journey of facing my fears and breaking out of the box completely. Several members of the club pulled me aside and told me how much I’ve changed in the year they’ve known me. It felt good to have witnesses because in someways, nothing has changed about me and yet everything is different. The trophy to me is simply a reminder that that “something” is real and I plan to continue on this journey and embrace the next adventure.

It is so appropriate that Cynthia Lamb is the one who handed me this award. It was after listening to her speech where she recounted her family’s dysfunctional behavior with a humorous twist that I opened my eyes and my heart to a way I could share my message and help others while also maintaining my dignity and integrity. I asked Cynthia for help, guidance and support and she gave me that and more. Agape Toastmasters gave me wings and made me feel like a star and for that, they deserve the award.

For more about Agapge Toastmasters, visit their website.

After I broke out of my shell with the help of Agape Toastmasters, I started The Sheri and Erin Show. The show is designed to help listeners break free from self-imposed limitations so they can live their lives with joy and authenticity. To find out more visit Blog Talk Radio or click on the player below: