Saito Sings at Shoreline Village in Long Beach June 19, 2010

Long Beach resident and vocalist Linda Saito will be performing in concert in Shoreline Village on June 19th from 6 to 9pm on the Boardwalk Stage Area. Admission is free.

Saito (also known as Linderella) be featured with West Coast Blues, a five piece band including Kurt Szul, and the great Michael Daigeau (trombone) who played with the Tonight Show Band.

Linda Saito began her professional singing career in 1973 in Honolulu and was quite successful during her 15 year run. Saito was in numerous movies and TV shows including many Hawaii 5-0 episodes, Diamond Head, Charlie’s Angels, Sanford and Son and Magnum, P.I. She has appeared on stage with the inimitable Miles Davis and Ernie Washington (pianist for Billie Holiday). When Saito married, she stopped singing for 20 years. In recent years she began to feel a call to return to her singing career.

“A friend and piano player, Taura Smith, said I should go to Long Beach City College where they have a fabulous music department and sing with Tom Dustman, the vocal teacher. I went there and started singing with a few groups strengthening my vocal chords. Then a sax player, Dave Stanton, heard me singing with a big band and asked me to sing with his small group, Karmology. I decided to go into the recording studio and record some songs with that group.”

You can hear Linda Saito’s songs on her Myspace page.

Stunning Vocal Performance in an Unexpected Package

A friend I trust forwarded a link to this video. I really wasn’t sure what to expect because she just said, “click on the link below, it is totally worth seeing.” I took her word for it and I’m glad I did. I have a feeling you will be too.

Not only is the performance drop dead amazing, it is a true testimony to the power of dreams. Enjoy.

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Live Music and a Little Long Beach for You

I oughta be ashamed of myself. As much as I love music and I’m always going on and on about it, I am occassionally 100% guilty of walking right past a street performer without so much as a glance in their direction. In fact, sometimes I get extra stiff because heaven forbid, they might need money. How dare they need money. I need money and it’s so awkward to say no.

Well, tonight two things happenend within 5 minutes of each other and it opened my heart to street performers once again. First, I clicked on a YouTube link in an e-mail from my friend Dr. Marjorie and it had this video in it. It’s all these amazing street performers from all corners of the world performing Stand By Me. (By the way, Seal just released a new album with Stand By Me on it, you might want to check it out if you’re into classic soul and Motown kind of stuff).

Not 5 minutes later, my husband urged me to come outside. “Listen, it’s real live carolers” he said. So, I went to check it out and to take it a step further, I went across the street to take their picture and guess what? They sang a song for me and only me. They even took requests. I asked for Silent Night. Here they are tuning themselves up to “play” it.

The Cal State Long Beach choir prepares to sing Silent Night acapella near La Parolaccia

It was amazing and a little awkward to have all these people singing just for me but I opened my arms, smiled and said thank you. It felt good. After they sang for me they went to La Parolaccia restaurant. One of the best places for Italian food in Long Beach.

Here they are actually singing silent night.

Choir from Cal State Long Beach sings Silent Night near La Parolaccia Restaurant

I guess this is a wake up call for me to remember to enjoy my surroundings and give a little acknowledgement to the street musicians. I could tell by the looks on the faces in this group that they truly received joy from singing to people so it’s a win, win if you pay attention and give a smile once in a while. I needed to remember that.

P.S. Although I asked the group where they were from, I have now forgotten but I know they were affiliated with Cal State Long Beach. If you know the name, will you post it here please? Thank you.