Anyway by Duck Sauce on DJ GAL-VanIZed Jukebox

The song is cool and the video is cooler. A nice combination of flashback to 70’s Soul Train mixed with the deep club beats you expect in the 2000’s.


An iPod allows you to fit 1,000’s of songs in your pocket; whereas a Jukebox stays in one place and your selections are limited. What would you do if you only got to choose 52 songs to put on your iPod? What would the list include?

One Tribe by Black Eyed Peas on DJ GAL-VanIZed Jukebox


An iPod allows you to fit 1,000’s of songs in your pocket; whereas a Jukebox stays in one place and your selections are limited. What would you do if you had a 52- song limit on your iPod? What would the list include?


Music, Technology and Memory Lane

There are so many things to listen to and see these days and so many ways to do it.  Roku, streaming Netflix, YouTube, iTunes, streaming alternative radio from San Francisco via SomaFM (I like the Groove Salad myself) and SO much more.

As mind-blowing as all that is the thing that excites me is being able to find classic audio and video clips like this episode of Soul Train from the 80’s with appearances from Run DMC and Dazz.  In the same episode, a boy named Jesse made a “wish” with a then relatively small organization called, “Make a Wish Foundation” to dance on Soul Train.  Jesse was 9 and had luekemia and this boy could bust a move.  Needless to say, I pressed “keep until I delete” on my Tivo so I can watch this again and again.

Here’s a video of the interview Run DMC did on Soul Train.

After watching this episode, it got me thinking about the Beastie Boys and A Tribe Called Quest.  That sent me looking for a good Beastie Boys tune to listen to.  I chose High Plains Drifter.

One of the things I love about Hip Hop is the storytelling aspect and how the artists weave so many associations into one song.  This video demonstrates visually how many tie-ins you can cram into one song. I used to listen to all these songs over and over again trying to figure out all the references and innuendos.

All this “trippin'” down memory lane reminded me of how my brothers and I used to dance to Yo MTV Raps and how one of my brothers was dedicated enough to get cardboard, lay it out in the driveway and practice break dancing moves…yes, to Run DMC and maybe even Grand Master Flash if I remember correctly.

My brothers and I had a lot of fun growing up thanks to music and still to this day we enjoy listening to old-school rap and hip hop at family reunions.  I am especially entertained as I watch the looks on people’s faces when I tell them that.

Have a great week and stay galvanized!

Shining Bright for Your Mind – DJ Gal VanIZed Mix

Shining Bright for Your Mind by Sheri Gal Vanized Zampelli on Mixcloud

Music is my life-long obsession and things like iTunes and iPods only kicked it up to an all-time high. This mix is what I was listening to instead of top 40. Funk, Hip Hop, Punk and Soul from the 70’s-present. Most of it never on the radio or only on after midnight or on independent radio. A mix for thinking and feeling. Listen with headphones or in your own private space and see if it makes you galvanized.

Love, Joy, Vision – Words Fit for a Queen


Words are powerful and so are women. Mom’s, Grandma’s and female caretakers have an incredible impact on humanity but many don’t even think they have the power to move a shopping cart from one aisle to the next. This has to do with words.

Many women describe themselves with words like: fat cow, stupid, and weak. They have an overall view of themselves as “not good enough”.

If you feel like a powerless blob (and many women do even when they are in positions of power), begin by choosing your point of focus. Envision how you can incorporate words like Love, Joy, Vision and Power into your vocabulary about yourself and see what happens.

Song of the Week – 07-31-12 – Why Can’t We Live Together by Timmy Thomas

Why Can’t We Live Together – Why Can’t We Live Together

Why Can't We Live Together - Why Can't We Live Together

Watch the video on YouTube

The I am Galvanized song of the week comes to you from Michael Zampelli. Zampelli has been influential force in the Southern California music scene for more than 40 years and is the former owner of Zed Records of Long Beach. He continues to maintain an interest in new music coming out of the U.K.

Zampelli is the official webmaster for the Los Angeles Kings hockey club and maintains the on-line community for Kings fans worldwide at . He takes photos for the Los Angeles Kings and his past experience includes shooting for LAist and the LA Derby Dolls. His photo gallery includes photos of Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Skinny Puppy, Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page, Stevie Wonder, Rivers Cuomo, Gene Simmons, The Prodigy, and Lucha Va Voom. Each week he will contribute a song with a theme, a message and a beat. Enjoy and stay tuned.

Sun and Soul Mix for Music Lovers

This week was filled with inspiration that can’t be communicated in words but the Sun and Soul Music mix says it all.

Available for a limited time, this mix contains songs about the Sun for people with Soul. ‘Specially my Soul Sisters and Brothers, you know who you are. Dance and liberate your Self.

Covers a wide range of genres: soul, funk, hip hop, drum and bass, dubstep, punk, alternative all songs designed to light you up and make you warm inside and out.

I’m new to DJ mixing but well versed in mix tapes. Listen ’cause you want some food for thought to chew on while you shake your booty.

Crank up your computer speakers and click play.

Sun and Soul Mix March 2012 by Gal VanIZed

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